Free Home Energy Saver Tool

The US Department of Energy has created a Home Energy Saver (HES) tool that allows you to evaluate your home online in a matter of minutes and learn about potential upgrades to save you money.

Simply type in your location, house construction info (you can use default values), and what type of heating and cooling system you have and press calculate.  You will receive a 13 page report on your home energy usage, recommendations for upgrades, and return on investment data for areas of upgrade.

Your tax dollars put this tool together.  Try it out and learn of areas where you can save Energy and Money!  Click Here —> Home Energy Saver


Here is the Results  Summary Table for My Home:

Existing Home $1,509 Existing Home Bar chart
With Upgrades $945 Efficient Home Bar chart
Total Heating Cooling Hot Water Large Appliances Small Appliances Lighting
Existing Home $1,509 $706 $80 $192 $252 $132 $147
With Upgrades $945 $379 $80 $113 $190 $132 $51
Savings $564 $327 $0 $79 $62 $0 $96


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