Solar Energy from Sahara Will Be Imported To Europe Within 5 Years

If just one percent of the Saharan Desert were covered in  concentrating solar panels it  would create enough energy to power  the entire world. That’s a powerful number, and the European  Union has decided to jump on their proximity to the Sahara in order to reap some  benefits from the untapped solar  energy beaming down on Northern Africa. Just yesterday, European Energy  Commissioner Guenther Oettinger announced that Europe will start importing solar  energy from the Sahara within the next five years. The news comes after the Desertec Initiative was  announced last year, which sets a long-term plan of about 40 years.

Read more:  Solar Energy from the Sahara Could be Imported To Europe Within 5 Years | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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