Free Energy Savings Calculator – Find areas to Save $ in Your Home

Residential energy costs in the U.S. are an estimated $246 Billion dollars per year. Here’s the breakdown:

US Energy Costs Pie Chart


Use the Home Energy Saver Calculator (Created with YOUR tax dollars) to find out where you can save in your home. Simply answer the questionaire that asks for your home location, house age, configuration, occupants, etc. (takes about 15-20 minutes) and you will get personal recommendations for areas in your home where you can save money.

Here are some results for my home:

Yearly Energy Costs

Providing more details will make your results more accurate.

Existing Home $1,955 Existing Home Bar chart
With Upgrades $1,005 Efficient Home Bar chart
Total Heating Hot Water Large Appliances Small Appliances Lighting
Existing Home $1,955 $1,277 $156 $243 $132 $147
With Upgrades $1,005 $513 $124 $185 $132 $51
Savings $950 $764 $32 $58 $0 $96

Upgrade Recommendations Summary

Visit ‘Recommendations‘ to see more information on each upgrade.

Yearly Savings Estimated Added Cost How Much is Too Much? Simple Payback Time Estimated ROI Avoided Emissions
(lbs. CO2)
Total for
recommended upgrades
$950 $4,797 $9,500 5 19% 12,936

Upgrades Requiring Investment

  1. Thermostat
  2. Indoor lights
  3. Electric clothes dryer
  4. Gas furnace
  5. Duct Sealing
  6. Gas water heater
  7. Slab insulation
  8. Clothes washer
  9. Attic insulation

Give it a try! The above info is just the summary for the sections. The full report will go through each area for upgrade in detail so you can determine where to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Happy Savings,


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