Light Bulb Savings Calculator – Learn how much $$ you can save with this quick calculator!

Light Bulb Savings Calculator

Give it a try and see home much you can save.  Stores like Walgreen’s and Ace hardware are offering CFLs for $1 now a days….. LED are more like $40-60 and it is going to take time for that price to come down.

Happy Savings,


Here were my results (assuming I have 50 light bulbs…but the ratio of CFL to incandescent is correct):


You have 10 more light bulbs than the average U.S. household.

You use 38.6 more efficient bulbs than the average.

You are likely saving about $88.79 more than the average U.S. household each year on lighting energy, due to your choice of bulbs.

If every household in the United States took the same steps on lighting efficiency:

  • It would save $10,032,837,177 in energy costs.
  • It would be like shutting down 14 coal power plants.
  • It would be like taking 10,859,858 cars off the road.
  • It would reduce CO2 emissions by 55,385,279 metric tons.
  • It would cut emissions equivalent to 301,581 railcars of coal.

Now try increasing the number of efficient bulbs in your home and see the impact it could have if other U.S. households took the same steps.

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