Seal Gaps, Save Money with Great Stuff Spray Foam

Foam Sealant
Ah, Great Stuff, brings back memories.   I first used this product in college when we were replacing the front door to our unit that my roommate’s father owned.   Being engineering majors, we were proud of the fact that we were able to take out and install a new, pre-hung door.  The next step, seal with Great Stuff.

What we underestimated was the expanding power of this stuff.  It expanded so much that it compressed our newly installed door so that it no longer opened!  I remember sitting there with screwdrivers trying to remove the foam to relieve pressure on the door… a funny memory.

A few years later, I learned that Great Stuff was used on the Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank to seal the gap between the front nose cone and the liquid oxygen tank.  It too, made a mess as it burst past our taped barriers and got on some electronics… that was the end of using Great Stuff on the Shuttle program.

Today, Great stuff comes in many flavors (I wish they had them back then) such as low expanding window and door, to large gaps, etc. The stuff is cheap and works good to seal gaps where you have air leaks, bugs entering etc.

I ran across this pamphlet on how Great Stuff can save you money:

Great Stuff Seal+Save

Happy Savings,


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