Energy Gadgets: Solar Generator Provides Amenitie while Away from Home


off grid power

As the name would suggest, the power generator is powered by the sun, and the device is rather simple to use. The user only needs to hook up the solar panels and the appliances/equipment you want to run. Unlike propane or gasoline generators, the Yeti Solar Generator is silent and is zero emissions. I guess the not so “green” part of this whole setup is the Lead-acid battery used to hold the charge. But it’s not like you need to dump the battery every few charges. Plus, there are proper facilities to get rid of batteries, should you need to replace them.

The two solar panels that come with the kit are able to charge the unit in 24 hours, or you could get things started off by charging it via the AC Wall Charger in approximately 16 hours. Up to six additional solar panels can be linked to the generator to cut the charge time down to approximately six hours.

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The Yeti is expensive ~$2K.  However, there are smaller generators depending on your power needs.  Checkout

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