EcoDog Home Monitoring – An Energy Geek’s Dream

Unique Energy Watchdog Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring – Shows real-time usage  with excellent accuracy and circuit-by-circuit detail.
  • GridSmart (TM) Messaging – personalized system status updates and energy-saving advice based on individual use onscreen and with user-defined e-mail or SMS  notifications.
  • Security Alerts – record when appliances, lighting  or electronics are running excessively or at unexpected  times.
  • Lock-Down Privacy – keeps your detailed energy usage patterns secure on your computer – no need to share with utilities or 3rd parties.
  • NEW! Rate Selector – in locations where utilities offer multiple billing programs, FIDO compares tariffs based on personal usage to show best option for your home.
  • NEW! Electric Vehicle Charge Cost Monitor – tracks EV charging in dollars and KW.
  • Remote Access – e-mail or SMS alerts users to unusual electrical use.
  • Universal Meter Compatibility – provides comprehensivemonitoring that provides intelligence from traditional utility meters.
  • Makes Smart Meters Smarter – enables dramatic savings as utilities roll out new generation of  Smart Meters with complex time-of-use billing schemes.
  • Parental Control – lets parents know how the kids use electricity and enables remote ON/OFF (remote feature coming soon).
  • Outlet Control – for individual electrical outlets (coming soon).
  • In-Home Net Metering – For installations with  alternative energy input (solar, wind, generator, etc.), FIDOshows  real-time generation and net cost savings in dollars and KWHr
  • NO Monthly Fee – NO  Contract or Subscription – FREE Updates

Learn More at EcoDog

Happy Savings,


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