How can Cheap Electricity lead to Big Energy Bills?

This article from Clean Technica does a great job of summarizing those states lagging behind in setting standards for their energy consumers.  Yes, it seems counter-intuitive, but much like driving a car with a V-8 engine, it doesn’t matter how cheap the gas is if your consumption rate is still high… comparatively it is costing you more than average to drive.

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In Alabama, electric utilities charge 10.67 cents/kWh, and households pay an average $147.69/month for electricity. Similarly, in South Carolina, rates are 10.5 cents/kWh, and monthly bills are $137.59/month. Compare Alabama and South Carolina to Massachusetts and California, two states with aggressive energy efficiency efforts. Massachusetts’ electric rates are high, averaging $14.59 cents/kWh, but monthly bills are low, only $97.34. California, too, has high rates of 14.75 cents/kWh and low monthly bills of $82.85. Clean Technica (
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