Happy Fall – Now get to work: Insulating Garage Doors

Foam Inserts for Garage Door


Well, it is officially Fall!  As we enjoy the reduced temperatures and the special holidays and traditions of this time of year; we know Old Man winter is on the way.  This is a time to prepare our homes to save on heating bills by focusing on stopping air leaks or adding insulation.

Insulating Garage Doors

A garage door is the largest uninsulated area of your home.  If you have living space over your home, then the garage could be responsible for heating that room in the Summer (Southern Exposed Garages) or cooling it in the Winter (Northern Exposed Garages).

There are a few solutions:

1)  $$$ Buy a new, insulated garage door.  JouleFool saw an advertisement for a new R-9 door installed for $837.


2)  $ Use polystyrene foam door kits


3) $ Use Radiant Barrier


Foam and Radiant Barrier Kits provide effective solutions that offer DYI installation at about 1/8th the cost of a new garage door.

So, enjoy the football, the cool weather and get out there and start SEALING and INSULATING!

Happy Savings,


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