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High Efficiency Furnace Buying Guide

Time to change out your furnace? Look for a high efficiency furnance! How much does it cost to replace an old furnace with a new, high-efficiency model? That depends upon the circumstances. If the new unit can be connected to … Continue reading

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Sherlock Homes – The Air Leak Detective

You may already know where some air leakage occurs in your home, such as an under-the-door draft, but you’ll need to find the less obvious gaps to properly air seal your home. For a thorough and accurate measurement of air … Continue reading

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Happy Fall – Now get to work: Insulating Garage Doors

  Well, it is officially Fall!  As we enjoy the reduced temperatures and the special holidays and traditions of this time of year; we know Old Man winter is on the way.  This is a time to prepare our homes … Continue reading

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Save Energy with a Whole House Attic Fan!

WHOLE HOUSE FANS COOL & SAVE ENERGY Quiet Cool Fans Can Cut Your AC Cost 50%-90% Our whole house fans draw cooler outside air in through your open windows which lowers the room temperature by as much as 10 to … Continue reading

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Save $ By Reclaiming Energy from Your Home Ventilation Exhaust

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) can help make mechanical ventilation more cost effective by reclaiming energy from exhaust airflows. HRVs use heat exchangers to heat or cool incoming fresh air, recapturing 60 to 80 percent of the conditioned temperatures that would otherwise be … Continue reading

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Save $50 on Electric Bill by Allowing Your Computer to Sleep

Save up to $50 annually on your electricity bills by simply putting your computer to sleep

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Energy Hog Challenge – Learning about Energy is Fun!

Learning about energy is fun when you include Energy Hogs! The Energy Hog Challenge is a set of classroom activities that guide children through lessons about different sources of energy, how we use energy at home, and how to bust … Continue reading

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