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Using Greywater to Save Potable Water

Just because residential water is cheap and plentiful here in upstate New York is no reason to waste it, and the average household does plenty of wasting: A single flush consumes three to seven gallons of water. Inefficient toilets and … Continue reading

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Benefits of a LEED certified School

It is Back-to-School time! Does your child attend a LEED certified school? LEED schools have increased daylighting which increases test scores. Better indoor air quality means fewer sick days! Daylight Increases Scores In terms of student performance, daylighting has been … Continue reading

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LEED Homes go above and beyond

LEED Homes go above and beyond EnergyStar and HERS rated homes. A LEED home takes into account, Energy, Water Use, Materials, Indoor Air Quality and more. Learn more about what makes a LEED home special.

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Cool Roofs are WAY Cool!

Cool Roofs are WAY Cool!

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