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High Efficiency Furnace Buying Guide

Time to change out your furnace? Look for a high efficiency furnance! How much does it cost to replace an old furnace with a new, high-efficiency model? That depends upon the circumstances. If the new unit can be connected to … Continue reading

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Energy Hog Challenge – Learning about Energy is Fun!

Learning about energy is fun when you include Energy Hogs! The Energy Hog Challenge is a set of classroom activities that guide children through lessons about different sources of energy, how we use energy at home, and how to bust … Continue reading

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Home Energy Yardstick: How does your home compare to others?

Getting a handle on your home’s energy use is an important first step to improving efficiency.  You can do a simple assessment yourself using our on-line tools, or have a professional energy auditor perform a more thorough audit.  Then, use … Continue reading

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Homebuyers Go Green to Cut Bills

In an attempt to boost sales in a dismal market, homebuilders are turning to what has been one of the most overlooked aspects of a house: improving the way it uses energy. While the sales results are mixed so far, … Continue reading

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Unveil Building Energy Use, Create Thousands of Jobs

When buildings’ energy use is made transparent (given a grade that is published online or shared in a real estate transaction), it’s like an MPG sticker for buildings. Americans can shop for office space or a new apartment with an … Continue reading

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Help Spread the Word of Energy Efficiency!

Help spread the word on Energy Efficiency with JouleFool gear! http://ow.ly/cGbfb

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Are old houses doomed? The conflict between historic preservation and energy efficiency

I’ve often wondered how old homes will continue to appreciate when home building technologies are improving exponentially.  I love old homes and architecture (I’m originally from New Orleans) and connected with this preservationist’s struggle to make his home energy efficient. Happy Savings, … Continue reading

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