Closed Cell Spray Foam – Insulation That Works

There are many reasons why Closed Cell Spray Foam (ccSPF)makes particularly good sense in a coastal home:

• It has a high R-value of 6.5 to 7 per inch.
• It absorbs a negligible amount of water. It can even be used as an effective secondary rain barrier and is the only FEMA-approved insulation for flood-resistant construction.
• It does a good job of controlling diffusion.
• It has good air barrier qualities to reduce airflow into and out of wall cavities.
• It expands to fill voids in hard-to-
insulate areas.
• It provides some structural integrity to the frame

JouleFool has friends and family that have been recently impacted by Hurricane Issac.  Closed Cell Foam is a great candidate for those that have had to “Gut” their houses due to flooding.  It is the ultimate air barrier and is FEMA approved in flood plains due to it being water resistant.  Spray Foam also has space heritage as a special formulation was used on the Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank to keep the cryogenic fuel at temperatures cold as

-423F with only a couple inches!

To learn more, read this article of why spray foam goes above and beyond being an insulation:

Happy Savings,


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2 Responses to Closed Cell Spray Foam – Insulation That Works

  1. Anjaleena says:

    Lot of advantages of using Closed Cell Spray Foam. Very informative post.

  2. Spray Foam says:

    I never knew that cell spray foam can use in space shuttle.

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